We have been operating since 1955 in building sector as a corporation of the Elginkan Community. We sell E.C.A. Armatures and Accessories, Technical Products, SEREL Ceramic Sanitaryware, Floor and Wall Tiles, Spil SEREL Bath Furniture, SEREL Acrylic branded Acrylic Bathtubs and Shower Trays and provide after sale service.


Our Sales Organization...


We rigorously follow each process from production to after sale service stage of E.C.A. and SEREL branded products through our regional directorates, up to 600 sales points and authorized services countrywide, and work by taking our customers' satisfaction as basis. We introduce our E.C.A. and SEREL branded products and shape baths in desired manner in our showrooms, number of which is increasing day by day.


Our Special Products....


We enable our customers to meet rich product options in our authorized dealers, regional directorates and showrooms. We introduce and sell water saving MIX2000 Series and Water Technology products, SEREL Extraclean products produced with ion technology, water saving Thermostatic Radiator Valves and many other products.


Our Principles....


Having introduced the first water saving battery series E.C.A. MIX 2000 in Turkey in 1999, Elginkan Community continues to break grounds not only in Turkey but also in the world with its energy and water saving new products, which are entirely developed by Turkish engineers against the global warming threat.

Elginkan Community led the way once more and has started the production of armatures, which provide water saving of up to 55 percent by reducing 18 litres of water consumption per minute in standard armatures to 8 litres.


Topaz series armatures are the first of its kind in the sector with its technology, which is unequalled in the world and Europe and which brings energy and water saving together. With such features, Topaz series became the finalist of the Technology Award.


E.C.A. is the first and single brand to perform domestic production in photocell batteries.


We reflect constant innovation and development on our works and regard them as permanent principles of our company. Moreover our company, which has led the way many times such as the first advertisement film in building sector and after sale service, continues to be the pioneer with the products it develops.

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